Southern cross to revamp local news bulletins

Southern cross to revamp local news bulletins

This week, we bring to light the bizarre history and recent history of two very unusual news bulletins – two local TV station bulletins that feature news reports and pictures from around the United States – that used to feature local officials taking photos from inside the me우리카지노dia building at the State Capital Building near the Capital Area Mall. But instead, these bulletins would feature a very different type of person holding a news camera and taking pictures of each news report: one from a member of the news media and one from the police officer who is following his or her beat inside the building.

Now, it’s worth noting that these two news bulletins actually feature the same person, the same person filming each story, and they were first aired in the July 22, 2008, edition of WNCN on the Fox affiliate in Waco. There was no question the footage and images they used to highlight the violent drug cartels in California was not from local law enforcement. What was somewhat curious were the camera shots that were used to highlight the police officers taking photo from the media building. There weren’t even any police on hand to record or distribute the footage; nor was there any description of the 카지노 사이트police from the cameras.

Both of these news bulletins feature the same person (the same person actually filmed as police officers in the background), and then a clip of a local news reporter from Waco explaining what had happened that day. The reporter mentions the suspect’s name as Jesus Romero, and the words „this is a big day for us as a city.“ Both of the police officers involved in the arrest were from the local 9-1-1 agency.

But the most interesting thing about these two bulletins is who 우리카지노was in the video. The news photographer behind the camera is clearly a former city attorney named Jim Hensley. He says, „I don’t know what’s going on in your neighborhood, and the crime that’s going on, but this is a city in need of a champion and someone who’s been doing the right thing.“ In the previous bulletin, the station’s correspondent showed a picture of „John Doe“ (see below), a police officer who was sitting in his cruiser in the background, standing with other officers in front of the station building.

What you would never see on these bulletins is an unidentified, law-enforcement-by-phone news reporter from the Waco Police Department doing what he is supposed to do: report what he is seeing, tell the story he is seeing, an

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