Moe police numbers wrong says opposition to police reforms

Moe police numbers wrong says opposition to police reforms

By David Walker

HARRISBURG — There are many problems the Harrisburg police force has with its database, but it’s not the largest, according to a watchdog group.

„The problem was bigger in the area,“ said James O’Donnell of the Harrisburg City Limits Citizens Coalition, which has been collecting data in Harrisburg since its formation in 2007. „We had one guy on our lists, he got arrested and put in jail, and we got another. We had three.“

O’Donnell and the group’s two other members are now looking at whether the numbers on the database are too high. They have contacted a number of cities to have their data reviewed, but neither has submitted it to the police chief. „They won’t tell us whether their database is as good as ours or more accurate,“ said O’Donnell.

O’Donnell is an attorney and has been involved with the Harrisburg Police Department since 1979, when he became supervisor of the city’s internal affairs department.

Under O’Donnell’s watch, H바카라arrisburg’s population grew by 14,000 people and crime rates climbed to more than 75 percent of the overall statewide average — the highest level of crime in the city’s history, according to the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics. Harrisburg also recorded an overall murder rate twice that of the average state.

Last year, the city filed for a police contract worth $130 million, and it will pay the state’s highest pension bill in 30 years.

But the data has come under scrutiny in recent months as well, with one former Harrisburg police sergeant writing a book about his experiences with the department, while another police chief has suggested reform. He’s stil카지노 사이트l facing internal affairs investigations.

„I’ll be honest, I was shocked last summer when I received a letter from the Harrisburg Police Department stating that we were having problems with our data collection,“ O’Donnell said. „The police chief told us that they were investigating and wanted to know why we were having these problems.“

Harrisburg has one of the country’s highest crime rates, with more than 75 homicides a day, O’Donne더킹카지노ll said.

The department’s data collection began in 1985, when Harrisburg hired a newly formed, non-profit task force to analyze the numbers and make changes that would reduce it.

„We started out collecting from different sources, but ultimately the only sources of information we had was on paper,“ said O

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