And when the discovery is made and the experience has suddenly revealed the scope, nothing stops the development and generalization of the new idea.

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Contact: Agenda: Add Comment Read more Meeting of teachers who practice the Pedagogy Freinet in the Tarn et Garonne By Sylvie Pralong on 09/25/17 – 7:59 p.m. In: Southwest Region > GD 82 – Tarn-et-Garonne Meeting dates: 30/09/17 – 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Place: elementary School M Pagnol Caussade the IDEM82 departmental group that brings together practitioners of Freinet Pedagogy will meet Saturday, September 30 Mr. Pagnol school in Caussade.

We invite you to share a moment of working with us from 13h30 to 16h. Add a comment Read more Some kindergarten tops – March 2011 By Nicole Garcia on 01/03/11 – 11:46 In: Southwest> GD 82 – Tarn-et-Garonne Gr Kindergarten tool teaching techniques. > classroom organization> work Plan in response to a frequently renewed demand, as well as an expectation (among others) I had the time to start my PF, I propose a few work plans that I I built and I use in my class PS / MS / GS.

They are of course … what they are: testing, continually modified, reworked interviewed. … (until their legitimacy in my operation!) 3 comments Read more 4 attachments Departmental Group Tarn et Garonne By Sylvie Pralong on 30/07/09 – 6:14 p.m. In: Southwest> GD 82 – Tarn-et-Garonne group presentation the GD82 is made up of ten people who meet regularly to exchange information about their practices.

For all contact: Add Comment Read more departmental meeting ICEM 82 By Sylvie the Pralong 30/01/17 – 11:04 p.m. In: Southwest> GD 82 – Tarn-et-Garonne Meeting Dates: 04/02/17 – 10:30 – 16:00 Location: elementary School Realville We will meet in the class of Christine to discuss our practices Freinet. Contact: Add a comment Read more First meeting of the year of the departmental panel 82 ICEM By Sylvie the Pralong 03/10/16 – 10:17 p.m.

In: Southwest> GD 82 – Tarn-et -Garonne meeting dates: 15/10/16 – 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Place: preschool J Brel i do my homework
Montauban We meet for our first meeting of the year Saturday, October 15 from 10h to 17h in kindergarten J Brel, Clemenceau street in Montauban. You can go all day or only part. Do not hesitate if you want to go into Freinet or continue the path and deepen your practice, we go together. On the menu of the day: 10 am: hello, who is there, what’s up?

Add a comment Read more departmental meeting – GD 82 By Sylvie the Pralong 23/06/16 – 23:30 In: Southwest> GD 82 – Tarn-et-Garonne Meeting Dates: 06/25/16 – 10: 00 – 16:00 Place: Ecole Marcel Pagnol Caussade Last meeting of the year of the working group: the year, various issues, prospects for next year, ICEM info and southwest course. Add new comment Read more 1 2 next> last »
In: The Educator CEL For teachers journal Education and Research> Knowledge child> emotion October 1952 The automotive industry, like any industry or production surged before the day comes a new element of progress allows a radical improvement in the speed, stability and security.

There has been a jump on the day when it was discovered the ball rolling, another appeared when the hydraulic brakes. There will be another one to the appearance of the automatic shift. And when the discovery is made and the experience has suddenly revealed the scope, nothing stops the development and generalization of the new idea. It is the same in psychology and pedagogy.

Lightning also sprung here and there that have suddenly revealed a new aspect of the problems and direction never before interview possible solutions. We have generated and initiated one of these educational leaps in bringing in educational practice new elements which experience has already said fertility: Life, with its necessary corollary: affectivity and work. Teaching practice is and will inevitably be influenced into -its depths.

It is us, the initiators, to highlight the discoveries and experiences that marked the cooperative effort of an unprecedented move in the history of our country. Life: Everything in traditional pedagogy, contributed to devitalized methods: education without sitting on the nature of individuals, systematic isolation of the environment, predominantly impersonal lessons and falsely scientific achievements. The result was, alas! achieved.

There was, first, the real life of the child and the environment, and secondly, the school with its spare specific standards of living. Divorce was essential and it is also philosophers such as Alain who justified to do is survive paradoxically. The practices that we call in scholastic block were the natural consequence. It is this system, mounted by a secular tradition that we have somewhat shaken by the introduction in the educational process, a new element of life.

That is our true educational revolution: life. Any method, ancient or modern, that contributes to this revival is good and desirable. Any method, even new, even modern, which counteracts the life of the child, is dangerous because it brings us back to scholasticism which is precisely the organization of a fictitious school with his own thoughts, standards and laws, different thoughts, standards and laws of life.

It also follows from the fact that are obsolete and outdated all observations, measurements, seated psychological and pedagogical deductions scholasticism. LIFE shines a new light the essential problems of our pedagogy. We have to say – during the year – and this will be the special role of Elise Freinet, the need to worry about in the first place the environmental conditions, food, housing, therapy also which are the basic conditions of a strong vitality.

It was long believed that education and knowledge were unrelated to health, nor with the housing or furniture. And this monstrous and inhuman separation is probably the cause of the severe shortage of everything related to the health of the child. We must accustom parents and educators to a healthier view of things.

We will do this by making sure the trial of a stepmother for proletarian society childhood, but also more positively, giving practical advice to avoid disasters that almost ready to throw continuous inhuman environment and science shortsighted. But there is one aspect of this life we ??would consider here, because it was more than the others despised and misunderstood by all the traditional pedagogy. It’s affectivity.

We know how this pedagogy had distorted master of the behavior and the quality of its relationships with students. The emotion and feeling should be excluded from school practice. The teacher tried to remain impassive and cold as the rules he taught. Leave manifest emotions and preferences, react in standards of humanity and trust then appeared as crumb serious weakness.

The educator was not it first in the service of impersonal science? We have all experienced at the beginning of this century atmosphere of the school without heat and without life, so much so that sometimes we were surprised to discover, out of school our teacher was a man like any other, able to laugh, joke, feeling and loving. We recognize willingly besides the necessary recovery is underway and our desire to provide the leading life this element may experience a greater resonance today.

After registering, indeed, in medicine, psychology and psychiatry, resounding failures that force to reconsider, at the base, many problems, we begin to realize that the human being is not a cold mechanical and exclusively material that would operate from the outside, by rubbing, by filing, or by pressing a button. With children, it is a dam but it is not known where the water will flow back; is cut and it is not the depth of the wound and total healing opportunities; a current, but we did not get the reflexes we expected it launches.

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